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Lismore Leisure Show is always ready to help other organisations, businesses, and groups promote their events and festivals centered on vehicles. We’ve promoted dozens of car shows, 4-wheel drive festivals, caravan camps, and more over the years with different people. We can do the same for you.

Advertise With Us

Advertising with us means reaching out to Aussies all over the country through online platforms. Our blog has many subscribers and a high number of average daily readers. That does not include recipients on our social media platforms.

For affordable and competitive price rates, you can reach maximum engagement for your ad campaigns with us.

3 Easy Steps

Advertising with us only takes 3 simple steps.

The first step is to present ideas or what we call the brainstorming stage. Here, you will connect with our marketing team to create drafts of the visual material you envision for your campaign. You will also receive insights and inputs from our creative professionals centered on our own market research and data.

Second, step would be to produce all materials and prepare them for distribution. In this stage, we always conduct a test run and we’ve got a total of 1,000 recipients to test it with.

Final step is distribution. We will handle the distribution in all of our social media platforms. We will also create suited materials you can post on your own social media accounts or websites.

Guaranteed Results

Lismore Leisure Show has its own marketing and creative team so we guarantee results for every ad service we provide. This will be a collective effort between us and our partners.

To get started today, you can contact us to connect with one of our business specialists. We look forward to working with you and your team.